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Plastic campaign

A personal project that I hope will strike a chord with you.

Like many I find all the facts and figures about plastic waste upsetting and frustrating.

Did you know that plastic only starts degrading after 700 years? This means all the plastic that has EVER been produced has NOT degraded yet. A whopping 79% has ended up in landfills or in the natural environment, including our oceans. Just 9% was recycled (1).

Here are some other stats that upset me recently:

  • a beached sperm whale was found with more than 22 kilos of plastic in its stomach (2)
  • 50 percent of our plastic is used just once and thrown away (3)
  • plastic chemicals can be absorbed by our bodies (3).

Why is it so hard to know what to do about this crisis we’re living through? In reality, we can all do more in our daily lives. So I created a small and simple campaign.

The aim is to raise awareness and help people make one simple daily lifestyle change with yes – you’ve guessed it – a new year’s resolution!

The idea is to fully give up one plastic item this year whether bottles, straws or bags. Everyday choices REALLY do add up.

Please head to my Facebook page for full details and make your plastic pledge by sharing/re-posting your New Years Plastic Resolution on social media. THANK YOU! Use the hashtag #PlasticResolution.

I teamed up with Write Space get this project up and running, who have been, as ever, amazing. Thank you @alisondunn20.