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Graphic Design Brighton: Jennifer Rose CV


I’ve got to talk about myself! Now, how best to go about this… I’ll start with the
obligatory ‘passion for design’. I’d like not to sound so clichéd, but it’s true: I love
things design. My main love is typography, followed shortly by grids/layouts,
and infographics. So yes, I’m a design geek, complete with the thick-
rimmed specs,
the pantone mug (5757) and the overly vivid imagination.

Career wise I was lucky to start at a commercial printers where I learnt everything  you
need to know about print design, from concepts to plate making. That’s more than 10 years
ago, and since then I’ve designed all sorts of things – logos, brochures, exhibition  stands,
books and even wall art. I’ve been a senior designer and studio manager in Sydney, Australia,
a global brand manager with an international English language school brand, Study Group,
an art editor for RotoVision Books, and now I’m a freelance graphic designer a short
 from Brighton pier.

Other than design, organising things well makes me unusually happy. As a designer,
I’ve found my perfectionism to be pretty useful, especially when it comes to managing
things like, production schedules, brands with multiple audiences, or all the bits and
pieces that make up ‘how-to’ arts and crafts books.

And I’m a fan of challenges too. Give me a tricky book cover design or a dense chunk
of text, and I get a kick out of turning it into something people can understand easily.
Oh, and I do love a good photo shoot. Having the chance to direct them and help
create the images that work with the ideas in my head always makes me smile.

I stay up-to-date with the design world through websites, blogs, talks and exhibitions.
And to keep me on my toes and I always have a personal project on the go. It might be
silly, sensible, big or small – it’s just my way of exploring and keeping my relationship
with design fresh.

Think I’ll be good for your latest project?
Then get in touch: