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Work history

Graphic Design Brighton: Jennifer Rose Design CV

The visual journey of my career in graphic design


Graphic Design Brighton: Freelance

2013 – present

I’ve been freelancing as a graphic designer since August 2013, working on site for clients or from my office in central Brighton. Since going solo I’ve worked on a variety of projects, of all shapes and sizes, from books to brochures to marketing materials to logos and illustrations. I get to use all the skills gained through my previous experience – from branding to directing photo shoots and managing production. I love helping people with their projects and making it a simple, friendly and enjoyable process for them.

If you would like to chat about what I can do for your project then please contact me.


Art Editor

RotoVision Books (18 months)

RotoVision is a co-publisher that sells visual art books to global publishers such as Thames & Hudson, Chronicle Books, Bloomsbury, Barrons, Search Press and Apple Press.

Working at RotoVision was a fantastic challenge, and during my time there I worked on about 25 books in total. I liaised with publishers, authors, editors and project managers, and commissioned and directed designers, art workers, illustrators and photographers to create the final books. Always hands-on with designing, I was involved in designing covers, solving lay-out or space issues, and laying out books myself.

There’s a small selection of my favourite RotoVision projects here on this website, please contact me if you’d like to see more.


Global Brand Manager

Embassy English, A Study Group brand (Last 3 years of Study Group)

Embassy English was a great brand to work on. There are 28 Embassy English language centres around the world, including ones in New York, Sydney, London, Auckland, Vancouver and San Francisco.

As Global Brand Manager I had to create and manage a brand that worked across many distinct markets. More than just a logo and a set of pantone references, the Embassy brand needed to be cohesive internationally, while still appealing to multiple audiences in many different countries.

Embassy is marketed directly to students and agents, which means producing both B2C and B2B materials with distinct tones and messages. Key to Embassy was creating a branded student journey. This extended from initial marketing materials such as brochures, flyers and exhibition stands, through to the wall art, interior décor, signage, school environment and digital media. I redesigned every piece of collateral from scratch, giving it a new look and feel that helped boost sales and deliver the Embassy message.

As the company only uses images of real Embassy students in their materials, this meant I also got to be the art director for international photo shoots in key locations around the world.


From Junior to Senior Graphic Designer

Study Group (8 years)

Study Group is one of the largest corporate organisations in the international higher education industry. It has 33 regional offices around the world, from Lagos to Bangkok, and multiple brands.

I had quite the journey with Study Group, designing and producing marketing and study materials for brands in Australia, the UK and USA during my time there.

I was lucky enough to be posted to the Sydney office for a year in 2007–2008. There, I developed and maintained the Australian brand identity, liaised with teams around the world, and managed production.

After my return to the UK I became a senior graphic designer and took on responsibility for managing aspects for the design studio, including taking care of the font management and the share file storage systems. I was also tasked with becoming the Global Brand Manager for Embassy English.


Studio Assistant and Designer

Faulwood & Herbert (3 years)

I love that I started my career off at a commercial printers. Making metal printing plates, complex impositions, paper ordering, helping out in the finishing department. I believe that this hands-on experience is invaluable, especially when designing materials I would make plates for, it’s an amazing way to learn. I’m pretty sure this is where my love of letterpress, inks and hands on printing stems from.